Help & FAQ's

What are wall decals?

Wall decals are a fun and easy way to decorate any room! Yendo Print wall decals are printed on an easy to work with material, that won't leave a sticky residue behind or damage your walls. They are easy to apply, just like giant stickers and when you want to change things and redecorate your room you just peel them off!

What kind of material does Yendo Print use for wall decals?

We use a high quality, adhesive fabric material for all of our wall decals. Fabric in this case is not like fabric in a traditional sense, but rather like a vinyl that is a bit thicker and easier to work with. We have tested countless materials, until we found the perfect balance of sticking to your wall but not leaving any residue behind!

Where are Yendo Print wall decals made?

All of our wall decals are proudly made in the USA! Our office is in Boulder Colorado, where we design, manufacture and ship everything ourselves.

Are the wall decals reusable?

While we don't recommend moving the wall decals around too much, we have had success moving them from one location to another. If you anticipate the need to remove your decals the best chance for success is to keep the original backing paper that they arrived on. If you don't have the backing paper and still need to move them we recommend using wax or parchment paper. We cannot guarantee that they will stick as well after the initial installation.

How do I install my Yendo Print wall decals?

Installing our decals is a simple and easy process, most sets can be installed with just one person. We recommend having a helper for sets that have very large pieces. Your decal set will come with specific instructions (LINK TO INSTRUCTIONS HERE) but here is an overview!

  1. Prep. The most important step in making sure your decals stick is getting the surface ready. If you have painted recently, you must wait at least 30 days to install your wall decals. We recommend testing one or two pieces on day 31 to make sure the paint is cured before applying the whole set. Your first step will be to wipe down the surface where you will be installing the decals. Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down the wall and remove any dust or oils and wait for the wall to fully dry.
  2. Plan. Take a minute to plan your design. We recommend measuring, the space to make sure that everything you'd like fits. One method to ensure you love your layout before you begin is to cut the sheets so each individual decal is separated, then use painters tape to position them on the wall. Now you can take a step back and admire or revise your creation before you commit! If you need any design suggestions we are always happy to help just send us your room measurements and a picture!
  3. Peel. Once you have decided on your layout, slowly peel the decals from the backing paper. Be particularly mindful of very think sections of the decal when peeling them off. Apply the top of your decal to the wall and slowly smooth from top to bottom, pressing down firmly to eliminate any bubbles and ensure that the decal is properly sticking to the surface. If it starts to look crooked or isn't in the right spot, not to worry. Just carefully peel it away from the wall and re-apply.

Do I really have to wait 30 days after painting to install my decals?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The only time we ever have problems with decals sticking it is because they were applied too soon after painting. This is a rule for all decals not just Yendo Print. Even if the paint feels dry, it needs time to outgas and cure. If you try to install them sooner, they will peel, curl or fall off. We know it's hard to wait, but it will be worth it when you have your new room!

Can I apply decals to other surfaces, besides my wall?

Yes! Yendo Print wall decals are ideal for any smooth, flat surface. You can apply them to doors, windows, lockers, mirrors, the possibilities are endless! The only places we do not recommend applying decals are very textured or porous walls (brick or concrete block), rugs, fabric, or cars. You can apply them to furniture though we recommend testing them on an unnoticeable section first.

Do Yendo Print wall decals come in pieces?

We want your experience with our decals to be as easy as possible. Most of our decals come in one piece (For example, you will not have to put the arms, head and legs on a monkey. The monkey will be in one big piece). The only time decals are broken up are if they are very large items. Usually this is things like roads, waves, or trees. This is for ease of installation as very large decals are difficult to apply straight and can be very frustrating to work with!

I want to combine different decals from a few sets, can I do that?

Of course! We love working with our customers to create a unique set perfect for them. Just Contact Us