Green Hard Hat Area! Transportation Nursery Wall Decals

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Green Hard Hat Area! Transportation Nursery Wall Decals



This elegant wall decal is the destination while hunting down a voguish wall decor to add a little touch of whimsy to your kid's room. The notable thing is that the cool colors change the overall product and leaves it with a subtle and pleasant look. Plus, the freestanding recyclable polyester and PVC free material wall decal gel well with the look and feel of your any style home. Notably, the fabulous design helps distinguish it from other wall decals around. In addition to that, this 'Green Hard Hat Area' wall decal is a fantastic way to outfit the wall with the transportation theme. Simply remove the designs and install on a dust and dirt free surface to showcase the beauty of the interior.

Whats Included:

5x - Trucks (Between 22" x 8" to 14" x 9")
1x - Road (Total length 100")
6x - Cones (4" x 5")
4x - Rocks (4" x 2")
2x - Barricades (Between 7" x 7" to 5" x 5")

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What's included in the box?

The PVC-free decal sheets you receive are made to be highly customizable!

Planning how you'd like to arrange our decals on your wall is arguably the most fun part of the whole process - and the possibilities are endless!


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